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Summer School : Algebraic Groups, Dijon, July 3-7

Summer School : Current Topics in the Theory of Algebraic Groups

DIJON July 3rd-7th 2017

Courses :

- Meinolf GECK - Characters of finite groups of Lie type : open problems and conjectures

- Allen KNUTSON - Schubert varieties and other stratified T-Poisson varieties

- Ivan LOSEV - Deformations of symplectic singularities and Orbit method

- Anne MOREAU6- Vertex algebras and associated schemes

- Boris PASQUIER - Birational geometry of G-varieties

Organizing committee : Rémi Bignalet-Cazalet, Adrien Dubouloz, Daniele Faenzi, Lucy Moser-Jauslin, Ronan Terpereau, Emmanuel Wagner.

webpage : http://school-tlag2017.math.cnrs.fr...