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Real Algebraic Geometry, 20-24 April CIRM, France

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20-24 April CIRM, France


Real algebraic geometry has undergone a significant evolution over the past forty years, thanks in particular to the European network Real Algebraic & Analytic Geometry. The traditional thematics of this domain are : topology of real algebraic sets, topology of real semi-algebraic, analytic, sub-analytics sets, O-minimal structures, real singularities, certificates of positivity by sums of squares. New thematics appeared recently bringing a profusion of activities within the community : tropical geometry and its applications to enumerative geometry (real or complex), real versions of motivic integration, rational-continuous functions and random real algebraic geometry.The objective of this conference is to revive the tradition of regular conferences in Real Algebraic Geometry and to allow fertile exchanges between young and confirmed researchers. The conference will feature a dozen pre-sentations by international experts as well as five courses on subjects at the heart of active research in the field : “ Tropical homology and combinatorial patchworking ” (Kristin Shaw), “ Hodge Conjecture for real algebraic varieties ” (Olivier Benoist), “ Bilipschitz geometry of real singularities ” (Anne Pichon), “Random real geometry” (Antonio Lerario) and “ Quantitative and Algorithmic Aspects of Real Geometric Geometry ” (Saugata Basu).

Comité scientifique

Frédéric Mangolte (Université d’Angers)

Marie-Françoise Roy (Université Rennes 1)

Franck Sottile (Texas A&M University)

David Trotman (Aix-Marseille Université)